Mini Laser Engraver – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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我们将在迷你激光雕刻师和写作all that you need to know about the laser engraving machine. Laser engravers come and many types and shapes, however, you need to know a bit about all of the types of engraving machines so that you can select the best one from the lot that suits your needs. So without further ado, let’s start our review on all that you need to know about the mini laser engraving machine.

What is the Mini Laser Engraver?

The mini laser engraving machine is a portable laser machine that you can carry around with you. The main feature of this machine is its compact size and utility for marking various materials. Furthermore, mini laser engraving machines are smaller than the usual laser engraving machine. As such, it is easy to fit them anywhere in your luggage and carry them around. So, the mini laser engraver is an on-the-go solution for you to mark all your materials without the headache of thinking about space to store the machine.

How Does a Mini Laser Engraving Machine Work?

The mini laser engraver machine works like any other laser marking machine. However, there are certain differences between a regular laser engraver and a mini one. A regular laser engraver has a larger size and takes more storage space than a mini laser machine. The mini laser engraver has to be focused onto the area to be marked and then the marking process starts. In order to make the marking process safer for the users, special covers are also available that keep the user safe during the engraving operation.

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What is a Mini Laser Etching Machine Used For?

There are many ways in which you can use the laser etching machine for your use. For instance, you can use the compact laser to mark the areas or materials that are difficult to reach otherwise. With this added advantage of the laser head, you can easily mark on minute products. Furthermore, you can mark a variety of materials by using the mini engraving cutting machine. The type of materials that you can engrave with the laser engravers are:

  • Leather and leather products
  • Papers and other decor material made of paper
  • Vinyl products
  • Ceramics
  • Some soft metals
  • Jewelry

So you can observe with the handheld laser engraver you can achieve a lot of marking functions in quick time. Laser engravers can also be used for cutting the area of work that you need to develop and design according to your needs.

How Much Does a Mini Portable Laser Engraver Cost?

Mini laser engravers have a range of prices that they come for. Many well-known brands like cuboiio, laserpecker, diaotu have emerged to provide us with cost-effective products.

mini laser engraver

The L1 mini-laser engraver has a market value of $299

The L1 Laser Pro costs $460

So you can see that the price of the mini handheld laser engraver is around the $ 299 – 650 mark. It’s all about what additional features you want to see in the basic model and that will add to the price of the engraver.

How to Use a Mini Laser Engraving Machine?

A mini laser engraver is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions that are available with the machine. So the DIY style usage will enable you to position the material that you want to mark on.

Next, you will have to adjust the settings of the machine so that you get exactly have the engraving area within the marking range of the laser head. In this way, you will just have to place the material to be marked under the laser and the laser will do the rest.

Furthermore, the software of the machine is easy to use and very powerful. All you will have to do is set the engraving details and the laser will do the rest.

如果你想知道更多,你可以下载L1 mini laser engraving machine user manual

What are the Advantages and Benefits of the Mini Laser Marker?

There are multiple benefits of using a portable mini laser engraver. A few of these benefits are summarized below:

Small size

最惊人的特点的便携式激光engraver is its compact size. For the conventional laser machines, you have to arrange for substantial laser machine accommodation. However, for the handheld laser machines, you will not need to have any storage space issues. The mini handheld laser engraving machine will easily fit your desktop space.

Fast speed

The speed of printing in laser engraving machines is very high. You can get the marking that you want on the material within a few minutes. With the advanced speed, you can easily find the solution for your engraving worries. You can see that the reviews of this machine are very good in terms of the speed of engraving. Therefore, you can get this engraving machine marking complex designs on your materials.

Robust software/app

The mobile phone software/app that l is using has a very wide range of applications. The aptness of the engraving machine app/software gives you easy and versatile control of the actions that you can perform with the laser engraving machine.


The biggest advantage of having a small laser engraving machine is that it is portable and you can take it anywhere you go. This makes it easy for you to take the machine to the engraving area on materials that are otherwise not able to be put in a machine for marking. But you need to make sure that you take care of the safety precautions while transporting the machine.

Easy to use

Another amazing feature of the mini laser engraver is the ease with which you can use the machine. The software/app makes it extremely easy for you to navigate your way around the features of the machine. Therefore, you will not be needing any specialized courses in order to operate the machine.

Engrave all non-metal materials

Like Co2 laser engraver. the best thing about the portable mini laser engraver is that it can engrave almost all non-metal materials that you have to use in your day-to-day routine. So while working on engraving things in an easy way then all you will have to do is select the mini laser engraving machine.

What are the materials that can be engraved with Mini Laser Engraver?

You can engrave a variety of non-metal materials using the laser engraver. In this regard, a list of few of the materials that you can engrave are listed below:

leather marks

You can mark leather products like bags, wallets, and other accessories that you want to personalize with a unique mark/insignia.

wood and cake laser engraving

Wood is usually a difficult material to engrave with automated laser tools. However, let us introduce you to this cutter that will not only make a great design on the wood but will also act as a cutter. This cutter can be used in multiple ways, especially as a cutter of wooden artifacts and decor.

Paper and Cardboard
paper engraver

You can also engrave the paper with unique designs and place it as artwork for the observers.

acrylics laser engraving

Acrylics are very difficult to engrave otherwise, however, with mini laser handheld engravers you can easily engrave the acrylic materials in no time and with precision.

Which materials to mark on is purely at the discretion of the user. You can easily choose from the materials that you have and engrave them with the laser engraver.
Furthermore, the color and depth of engraving will depend on the type of material and the design that you have selected. You can easily come over this issue by choosing the standard settings for the laser engraver.

Where to buy the best Handheld Mini Laser Engraver?

Now comes the all-important question of buying the mini laser engraver. You can get a good quality mini laser engraver from any of the major laser suppliers out there, however, here are a few recommendations that will provide you the best laser engraver that you want.

Laser Engraver L1 VS L1 PRO
mini laser engraving machine

Engraving area: 100mm x 100mm

Materials can be engraved: most non-metal materials

Laser source: 1600 mw OSRAM 450 nm blue light laser

Lifetime Estimation: 10000 hours

Color options: Red, Black, Gold, Green

compact laser engraver

Engraving area: 100mm x 100mm

Materials can be engraved: most non-metal materials

Laser source: 500 mw SHARP 405 nm blue-violet light laser

Lifetime Estimation: 10000 hours

Color options: Grey

Auto focus and more precision marking than L1

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Let’s take a look at a video to show what the mini laser machine can do for you?